Ready for winter: Our tips

With winter fast approaching, we’ve compiled a list of quick service tips to keep your Early Rider running in tip top condition.

Girl riding her balance bike through autumn leaves

  • Check your tyre pressure regularly.

    • Keep an eye on your tyre pressures. Make sure to check them before you ride, and make sure they are at the appropriate pressure for your style of riding.

  • Always clean down your bike after a wet, muddy ride and dry off.

    • Time to get your bike showroom ready! We recommend getting that well-earned dirt and grime off using an old rag. If you have a chain drive bike then get some water-soluble degreaser out and slather it on your chain, pulley wheels, cassette and chainrings then gently rinse off, dry and apply some wet lube. Our belts can be wiped over with a cloth to remove any dirt. If you are a pressure washer fanatic, try not to overcook it - use the lowest pressure setting and make sure to avoid those bearings. Most importantly, do not forget to dry your bike properly. Water may seem like your friend, but it can be intrusive and nasty when left in the wrong places. Take some extra time to focus on drying those nooks and crannies!

  • Store your bike inside.

    • We know our bikes are tough resilient machines, however mother nature can be unforgiving so do not leave them out overnight. 

girl working on her balance bike

  • Check your bolts are tight.

    • Give all the bolts on the bike a regular once over to ensure they are still tight - bolts will loosen over time. Refer to your manual to see what the correct torque is (nm) for each bolt on your bike.

  • Check the brake surfaces are clean.

    • It is crucial that your brake surfaces are free of any gunk that can gather during wet and muddy winter rides. For rim brakes we recommend a wipe with a clean cloth around the braking surface. For disc brakes we recommend using any fast-drying, solvent-based aerosol disc brake cleaner. These are ideal as they blast any residue on the rotor surface minimising the chances of contaminating your pads.

  • Don't forget your lights.

    • Remember to charge them after a ride and use them whether you're riding during the day or evening. Be safe, be seen.

Girl riding her balance bike through a puddle

Most of all, wrap up warm, embrace the chill and get out there and enjoy your winter rides! There's no better feeling than coming back into a warm home or cafe after a cold ride and wrapping your fingers around a big mug of hot chocolate! 

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