early rider trail 20 inch pedal bike for kids 7 and 8-year-olds cyal colour
early rider trail 20 inch pedal bike for kids lime colour 6-year-olds 7-year-old
early rider trail 20 inch pedal bike for kids black colour for 7-year-olds 8-year-olds

Trail 20 Colour

Regular price 6.712,00 kr

Our Trail 20 but with a pop of colour.


At under 8.17kg the Trail 20 is light enough to scorch the climbs and nimble enough to tear up the trails, making it the perfect all-around adventure companion.

To help your kids smash ever more demanding terrain our new T20  runs a wide gear range 1x9 drivetrain. a short cage mech to keep everything out of harms way and a narrow wide chainring to keep everything in check. Large volume Maxxis Max Daddy tyres for extra grip and cushioning that complement the lightweight rigid fork that makes such a difference when climbing, and a full complement of Ritchey Logic controls to provide stability without adding weight. 

It's tough enough to handle the rough stuff too. A remarkable 4-bearing cassette freehub ensures immediate pickup and zero bearing compression when the power is down, forged dropouts to take the load on impacts, and sealed cartridge bearings hubs, pedals & bottom bracket to ensure protection against the wet and dirt.