Product News

We'll update this page with new product updates and launches. Keep checking back to get the latest. Here's a couple of things we have planned for 2015 to wet your appetite.

The Bonsai - now for something just that little bit different. A one piece birch monocoque frame with aluminium headset. It's a thing of beauty and we're excited to launch it. It's attracted a huge amount of smiles and was the subject of many photo opps at the bike shows this year. Even better? We're looking to put it out for an SRP of around £110. Expect it by spring 2015.


Belter 20" - we have produced a prototype of the Belter 20 and we love how it is turning out. It's beautifully simple but gloriously rideable. It'll take a little time to bring this one to launch - it's much more complex than anything else we've every produced so be patient. We'll likely have Ritchey components and an integrated 3 speed hub, it's going to be a cracker. We're aiming for an SRP of around £475 and a launch sometime before summer 2015.